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  Why JIB?

How To End All Insurance Problems – Here are few questions on your mind, with our years of proven answers to them:

How can my company get the insurance cover it needs at the right price?
Getting the right insurance at the best price requires extensive knowledge of both your own business and the insurance market. It is important to be able to access carefully the type and amount of cover your business needs. Conditions are changing all the time. So is your business, and so is the insurance industry, which continually devices new types of cover, some of which may meet your needs more economically than your present policies.
In addition, a selective buyer of insurance has to know the types of cover in which various insurers specialize, and what their rates are. It is also advisable to be familiar with the records of underwriters and insurance companies, to satisfy yourself that they are in businesses of substance. With information like this at your fingertips, you are well placed to select the insurance you need.

How do I avoid buying too much insurance or too little?
Your business needs protection against the possible disastrous consequences of events beyond your control, such as fires, storms, floods and earthquakes; so that business risks are limited to those that can be managed. But in the long run it can be economical to bear some predictable risks yourself.
In other cases, the potential impact of loss-producing incidents may be reduced or eliminated by adopting safety programmes and methods. To reach the right decision, it is important to identify the type of risk to which your business is exposed and to select the most efficient strategy for neutralizing their effect.

How can I make rational decisions on these technical matters?
You can do the necessary research - if you have the time and the know-how. Or you can ask Jumairah Insurance Brokers (JIB) for advice. Being a reputable broker, our livelihood depends on knowing the insurance market and keeping in touch with the latest developments.

We are also skilled at assessing the risks to which organizations are exposed, and in devising insurance programmes to cover them most efficiently. And we use specialists in safety to minimize the risks inherent in a business operation, thus keeping down the chances of loss and reducing the premiums payable.

How can I control my insurance needs and commitments from day to day?
It's not easy. Fluctuations in assets and stock levels, aggravated by rapid inflation, may require frequent adjustments to your level of cover. Policies expire from time to time. Claims, requiring proper documentation, have to be made. Legal requirements, such as workers' compensation, change suddenly. Undertaking new contracts may expose the business to liabilities for which no insurance provision exists.
It is our task to sort out the tangles. As part of the service, we make it our business to assist in all those areas, in most cases advising you well in advance when an important decision or action is approaching, monitoring your business ensuring that the level of protection is sufficient, and devising systems making it easier for you to control your insurance programmes.

If I have to make a claim, how do I do it most effectively?
Lodging a claim involves the production of necessary documentation, maintaining contact with the underwriter, and putting your case. Looking after these problems is an integral part of our service. As your broker, we will ensure that no time is lost in carrying out the proper formalities and recovering outstanding amounts.

How can I be sure that the insurance company with whom I place my insurance is financially sound?
There are many insurance companies whose conservatism and substance is beyond question. They may not, however, offer most competitive rates. To find an insurer who is both reliable and competitive, it is essential to know the market intimately. Achieving a blend of security and competitive rates on behalf of the insured is our job; our reputation depends on making certain that the insurer with whom we place our client's business performs as our client expects.

Who can give me the best terms?

Underwriters specialize in different forms of insurance and their appraisals of risks may vary widely. It is our business to seek out the cover most appropriate to the need at a competitive rate. The common risks are placed in the domestic market, but some very large or unusual risks require full resources of the world insurance community. We can tap them for you.

What would your services as an insurance broker cost us?
Absolutely, nothing! When we place your insurance with an insurance company, we receive brokerage from the concerned insurance company for the exercise of our specialist professional skills. However, we will almost certainly be able to achieve savings well in excess of the brokerage. In other words, with our assistance you should get better quality cover and pay less for it, or obtain more and superior cover for the same premium. And you also may take advantage of the other services JIB offers; such as lodging claims, advising on insurance administration, providing safety assessments and advice, at no extra cost.

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