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Why do you need an Insurance Broker?
Globally, insurance regulatory authorities (including Ministry of Economy in the UAE) recognise the value added service provided by Insurance brokers. Regulators and Insurers have agreed that in the event of a broker being used as a intermediary, the premium remains unchanged as opposed to directly dealing with an Insurance company. The services of a broker comes therefore without any additional cost to you.

The insurance policy is a fairly complicated legal document and an understanding of the insurance and legal complications in the fine print of the policy is essential. A professional broker can help you in this.

Individuals, Businesses and Organisations are exposed to various physical and financial hazards. A professional broker will help you understand this and help advise possible measures to counter these impacts with Risk Management services.

Insurance covers and policies evolve continuously. A professional broker would help you in getting access to upto date insurance products and services.

In a competitive and sensitive market, the quality of products and services are often compromised. A professional broker will assist you in getting the best available protection.

A professional broker can, should you so desire, provide guidelines in establishing the right Sum Insured, Values for insurance, Limit of indemnity etc.

A professional broker scrutinizes the policy document to ensure its accuracy with regard to cover, specification, extensions, etc. These could prove to be very critical at the time of claim.

In the event of a claim, it is important to present the same in a detailed and professional manner. A professional broker will work with you on this to ensure optimum benefit under your insurance program.
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