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Our Company

Customer Service

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Our Values
Professionalism and integrity at all levels.
Commitment and Dedication to act in the best interest of our customers (in terms of providing competitive price, wider cover, approved security and quality service) at all times.
Focus on building long term relationships with clients at the cost of short term gains.
Transparency in all our dealings with insurers respecting their profit objectives and protecting their money.
Teamwork, teamwork and teamwork.
Free flow of information and two way communication at all levels and with our customers and insurers.
Innovation and bold non-conventional approach and initiative in understanding and meeting the needs of our present and future customers.
Planning, Accountability and Empowerment.
Team building through development and recognition of individuals.
Optimum utilisation of IT in support of our business plan.
Active interaction with social and cultural groups to make meaningful contribution to the UAE society.
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