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About Us - About Jumairah Insurance Brokers

Jumairah Insurance Brokers (JIB) was established in 2005 and is currently a leading insurance intermediary delivering excellence in insurance broking services in the country.

Big change in 30th April 2015:

The company was purchased by G.C.C group who’s had a high experience in KSA Market, and they want to complete their success in UAE Market.

(JIB) aims to offer a wide range of Takaful and Conventional innovative insurance solutions that are affordable for all classes and flexible to the individual and (Small-Medium-Large) business.

Team with High experience, partnership with big insurance companies and many options solutions can help you to get the best insurance coverage and fulfill your specific requirements.

It is a pleasure if you will be one of our customers and we are very happy to serving you.

Management of JUMAIRAH Insurance Broker Company.

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